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1 waver

Someone who communicates by waving.

2 waver

The act of pausing uncertainly.

synonyms: falter, faltering, hesitation.

Polish: zacięcie, zająknięcie, zająknienie

3 waver

The act of moving back and forth.

synonyms: flicker, flutter.

Dutch: flutter


1 waver

Pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness.

synonyms: hesitate, waffle.

Roget 485: disbelieve, discredit; not believe etc. 484; misbelieve; refuse to admit etc. (dissent) 489; refuse to believe etc. (incredulity) ... show more

Dutch: aarzelen, dralen, schromen, talmen, treuzelen, twijfelen, weifelen

2 waver

Be unsure or weak.

synonym: falter.

3 waver

Move hesitatingly, as if about to give way.

synonym: falter.

4 waver

Move or sway in a rising and falling or wavelike pattern.

synonyms: fluctuate, vacillate.

Roget 607: change one's mind, change one's intention, change one's purpose, change one's note; abjure, renounce; withdraw from etc. (relinquish) 624; waver, vacillate; wheel round, ... show more

5 waver

Move back and forth very rapidly.

synonyms: flicker, flitter, flutter, quiver.

Roget 149: fluctuate, vary, waver, flounder, flicker, flitter, flit, flutter, shift, shuffle, shake, totter, tremble, vacillate, ... show more

Dutch: flakkeren

6 waver

Sway from side to side.

synonym: weave.

7 waver

Give off unsteady sounds, alternating in amplitude or frequency.

synonym: quaver.

Moby thesaurus: alternate, back and fill, beat, beating, bicker, blench, bob, bobble, boggle, careen, change, coggle, dance, dangle, demur, dither, ebb and flow, equivocate, falter, fight shy of ... show more.

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