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1 spiral

A plane curve traced by a point circling about the center but at increasing distances from the center.

Dutch: curve
Polish: spirala

2 spiral

A curve that lies on the surface of a cylinder or cone and cuts the element at a constant angle.

synonym: helix.

Roget 245: curvature, curvity, curvation; incurvature, incurvity; incurvation; bend; flexure, flexion, flection; conflexure; crook, hook, ... show more

Polish: helisa, linia śrubowa

3 spiral

A continuously accelerating change in the economy.

4 spiral

Ornament consisting of a curve on a plane that winds around a center with an increasing distance from the center.

synonym: volute.

Dutch: rolschelp
Polish: ślimak

5 spiral

A structure consisting of something wound in a continuous series of loops.

synonyms: coil, helix, volute, whorl.

Roget 248: winding etc. v.; convolution, involution, circumvolution; wave, undulation, tortuosity, anfractuosity; sinuosity, sinuation; meandering, ... show more

Dutch: propeller, schroef, helix, krul, schroeflijn, spiraal, spiraallijn

6 spiral

Flying downward in a helical path with a large radius.

Polish: spirala


1 spiral

To wind or move in a spiral course.

synonyms: coil, gyrate.

2 spiral

Form a spiral.

3 spiral

Move in a spiral or zigzag course.

synonym: corkscrew.


1 spiral

In the shape of a coil.

synonyms: coiling, helical, spiraling, turbinate, volute, voluted, whorled.

Roget 248: convoluted; winding, twisted etc. v.; tortile, tortive; wavy; undated, undulatory; circling, snaky, snake-like, ... show more

Roget 245: curved etc. v.; curviform, curvilineal, curvilinear; devex, devious; recurved, recurvous; crump; bowed etc. v.; ... show more

Polish: helikalny, świdrowaty, helikoidalny, śrubowaty, śrubkowaty, ślimakowaty, spiralny

Moby thesaurus: Milky Way, O-shaped, Via Lactea, acrobatics, aerobatics, ambagious, anfractuous, arise, ascend, aspire, backhanded, bank, banking, barred spiral, barred spiral galaxy, become airborne, chandelle, circle, circling, circuit ... show more.

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