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1 unparalleled

Radically distinctive and without equal:
— Unparalleled athletic ability.
— A breakdown of law unparalleled in our history.

synonyms: alone, unequaled, unequalled, unique.

Roget 33: superior, greater, major, higher; exceeding etc. v.; great etc. 31; distinguished, ultra [Lat.]; vaulting; more than a match for.    ... show more

Roget 650: perfect, faultless; indefective, indeficient, indefectible; immaculate, spotless, impeccable; free from imperfection etc. 651; unblemished, uninjured etc. ... show more

Roget 648: harmless, hurtless; unobnoxious, innocuous, innocent, inoffensive.    beneficial, valuable, of value; serviceable etc. (useful) 644; advantageous, ... show more

Roget 20: unimitated, uncopied; unmatched, unparalleled; inimitable etc. 13; unique, original; creative, inventive, untranslated; exceptional, ... show more

Roget 83: uncomformable, exceptional; abnormal, abnormous; anomalous, anomalistic; out of order, out of place, out of keeping, out of tune, out of one's element; irregular, arbitrary; teratogenic; ... show more

Polish: niepowtarzalny

Moby thesaurus: best, beyond compare, beyond comparison, champion, choice, consummate, easily first, elect, elite, exceptional, extraordinary, fabulous, facile princeps, for the best, greatest, handpicked, immortal, incomparable, indescribable, ineffable ... show more.

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