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1 competent

Properly or sufficiently qualified or capable or efficient.

Roget 157: powerful, puissant; potential; capable, able; equal to, up to; cogent, valid; efficient, productive; effective, effectual, efficacious, ... show more

Roget 639: sufficient, enough, adequate, up to the mark, commensurate, competent, satisfactory, valid, tangible.    measured; moderate etc. (temperate) ... show more

Roget 698: skillful, dexterous, adroit, expert, apt, handy, quick, deft, ready, gain; slick, smart etc. (active) ... show more

Polish: pełnowartościowy

2 competent

Adequate, but not outstanding or exceptional.

3 competent

Legally qualified or sufficient.

Polish: kompetentny

Moby thesaurus: OK, able, absolute, acceptable, actionable, adapted, adept, adequate, adjusted, all right, ample, applicable, ascendant, au fait, authoritarian, authoritative, authorized, autocratic, barely sufficient, capable ... show more.

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