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1 replete

Fill to satisfaction.

synonyms: fill, sate, satiate.

Dutch: verzadigen


1 replete

Filled to satisfaction with food or drink.

synonym: full.

Roget 52: complete, entire; whole etc. 50; perfect etc. 650; full, good, absolute, thorough, plenary; solid, ... show more

Roget 639: sufficient, enough, adequate, up to the mark, commensurate, competent, satisfactory, valid, tangible.    measured; moderate etc. (temperate) ... show more

Roget 641: redundant; too much, too many; exuberant, inordinate, superabundant, excessive, overmuch, replete, profuse, lavish; prodigal etc. 818; ... show more

2 replete

followed by `with' Deeply filled or permeated:
— It is replete with misery.

synonym: instinct.

Moby thesaurus: SRO, abounding, abundant, affluent, all-sufficing, allayed, ample, aplenty, awash, bottomless, bounteous, bountiful, brimful, brimming, bulging, bursting, capacity, chock-full, chuck-full, cloyed ... show more.

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