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Roget category 858

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.2. Personal affections
›› 6.2.3. Prospective affections

#858. Hope


hope, hopesdesire etc. 865fervent hope, sanguine expectation, trust, confidence, reliancefaith etc. (belief) 484affiance, assurancesecureness, securityreassurance.
good omen, good auspicespromise, well grounded hopesgood prospect, bright prospectclear sky.
assumption, presumptionanticipation etc. (expectation) 507.
hopefulness, buoyancy, optimism, enthusiasm, heart of grace, aspiration.
[person who is hopeful] optimist, utopian, utopist.
castles in the air, castles in Spain, chateaux en Espagne [Fr.], le pot aut lait [Fr.], Utopia, millenniumday dream, golden dreamdream of Alnascharairy hopes, fool's paradisemirage etc. (fallacies of vision) 443fond hope.
beam of hope, ray of hope, gleam of hope, glimmer of hope, flash of hope, dawn of hope, star of hopecheerbit of blue sky, silver lining, silver lining of the cloud, bottom of Pandora's box, balm in Gileadlight at the end of the tunnel.
anchor, sheet anchor, mainstaystaff etc. (support) 215heaven etc. 981.


hope, trust, confide, rely on, put one's trust inlean upon pin one's hope upon, pin one's faith upon etc. (believe) 484.
feel hope, entertain hope, harbor hope, indulge hope, cherish hope, feed hope, foster hope, nourish hope, encourage hope, cling to hope, live in hope, etc. n. — see landfeel assured, rest assured, feel confident, rest confident etc. adj.. presumepromise oneselfexpect etc. (look forward to) 507.
hope for etc. (desire) 865anticipate.
be hopeful etc. adj. — look on the bright side of, view on the sunny side, voir en couleur de rose [Fr.], make the best of it, hope for the bestput a good face upon, put a bold face upon, put the best face uponkeep one's spirits up take heart, take heart of gracebe of good heart, be of good cheerflatter oneself, lay the flattering unction to one's soul," catch at a straw, [Hamlet], hope against hope, reckon one's chickens before they are reckon one's chickens before they are hatched, count one's chickens before they are hatched.
[cause hope] give hope, inspire hope, raise hope, hold out hope etc. n. — promise, bid fair, augur well, be in a fair way, look up, flatter, tell a flattering taleraise expectations (sentient subject); encourage, cheer, assure, reassure, buoy up, embolden.


hoping etc. v. — in hopes etc. n. — hopeful, confidentsecure etc. (certain) 484sanguine, in good heart, buoyed up, buoyant, elated, flushed, exultant, enthusiasticheartsomeutopian.
unsuspecting, unsuspiciousfearless, free from fear, free from suspicion, free from distrust, free from despair, exempt from fear, exempt from suspicion, exempt from distrust, exempt from despairundespairing, self reliant.
probable, on the high road towithin sight of shore, within sight of landpromising, propitiousof promise, full of promiseof good omenauspicious, de bon augure [Fr.]reassuringencouraging, cheering, inspiriting, looking up, bright, roseate, couleur de rose [Fr.], rose-colored.


hopefully etc. adj..


God speed!,


nil desperandum [Lat.] [Horace]; never say die, dum spiro spero [Lat.], latet scintillula forsan [Lat.], all is for the best, spero meliora [Lat.]every cloud has a silver liningthe wish being father to the thought" [Henry IV]; hope told a flattering tale —" rusticus expectat dum defluat amnis [Lat.].
at spes non fracta [Lat.]ego spem prietio non emo [Lat.] [Terence]; un Dieu est ma fiance [Fr.]hope! thou nurse of young desire" [Bickerstaff]; in hoc signo spes mea [Lat.]in hoc signo vinces [Lat.]la speranza e il pan de miseri [It]l'esperance est le songe d'un homme l'esperance est le songe d'un homme eveille [Fr.]the mighty hopes that make us men" [Tennyson]; the sickening pang of hope deferred" [Scott].

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