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Roget category 651

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.2. Prospective volition
›› 5.2.2. Subservience to ends

#651. Imperfection


imperfectionimperfectness etc. adj. — deficiencyinadequacy etc. (insufficiency) 640peccancy etc. (badness) 649immaturity etc. 674.
fault, defect, weak pointscrew looseflaw etc. (break) 70gap etc. 198twist etc. 243taint, attainderbar sinister, hole in one's coatblemish etc. 848weakness etc. 160half bloodshortcoming etc. 304 drawbackseamy side.
mediocrityno great shakes, no great catchnot much to boast ofone-horse shay.


be imperfect etc. adj. — have a defect etc. n. — lie under a disadvantagespring a leak.
not pass muster, barely pass musterfall short etc. 304.


imperfectnot perfect etc. 650deficient, defectivefaulty, unsound, taintedout of order, out of tunecracked, leakysprungwarped etc. (distort) 243lameinjured etc. (deteriorated) 659peccant etc. (bad) 649frail etc. (weak) 160inadequate etc. (insufficient) 640crude etc. (unprepared) 674incomplete etc. 53found wantingbelow parshort-handedbelow its full strength, under its full strength, below its full complement.
indifferent, middling, ordinary, mediocreaverage etc. 29so-socoucicouci, milk and watertolerable, fair, passablepretty well, pretty goodrather good, moderately goodgoodgood enough, well enough, adequatedecentnot bad, not amissinobjectionable, unobjectionable, admissible, bearable, only better than nothing.
secondary, inferiorsecond-rate, second-bestone-horse [U.S.].


almost &c. — to a limited extent, rather etc. 32pretty, moderately, passingonly, considering, all things considered, enough.


surgit amari aliquid [Lat.].

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