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1 hash

Chopped meat mixed with potatoes and browned.

Roget 298: eating etc. v.; deglutition, gulp, epulation, mastication, manducation, rumination; gluttony etc. 957.    [eating specific foods] ... show more

Roget 59: disorder; derangement etc. 61; irregularity; anomaly etc. (unconformity) 83; anarchy, anarchism; want of method; untidiness ... show more

Dutch: hachee, hekje, kruisje

2 hash

Purified resinous extract of the hemp plant; used as a hallucinogen.

synonyms: haschisch, hasheesh, hashish.

Dutch: hasj, hasjiesj
Polish: hasz, haszysz


1 hash

Chop up.

Roget 44: be disjoined &c.; come off, fall off, come to pieces, fall to pieces; peel off; get loose.    disjoin, disconnect, disengage, disunite, dissociate, dispair; ... show more

Moby thesaurus: DET, DMT, LSD, Mary Jane, STP, THC, acid, admix, all sorts, alloy, amalgamate, antidepressant, arsy-varsiness, aspic, assemblage, assortment, ataractic, bad job, barbecue, bemingle ... show more.

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