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1 big

Above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent:
— Set out for the big city.
— A big (or large) barn.
— Big businesses.
— A big expenditure.
— A big group of scientists.

synonym: large.

Roget 194: expanded, etc. v.; larger, etc. (large) etc. 192; swollen; expansive; wide open, wide spread; flabelliform; overgrown, ... show more

Polish: duży, niemały

2 big


Polish: większy, znaczny, niemały, znaczący, niekiepski, duży

3 big

Very intense:
— In a big rage.
— Had a big (or bad) shock.

synonym: bad.

4 big

Loud and firm.

5 big

Conspicuous in position or importance:
— A big figure in the movement.
— Big man on campus.

synonyms: large, prominent.

6 big

— Big spender.
— Big eater.

synonym: heavy.

7 big

Exhibiting self-importance:
— Big talk.

synonyms: boastful, braggart, bragging, braggy, cock-a-hoop, crowing, self-aggrandising, self-aggrandizing.

Polish: pyszałkowaty

8 big

Feeling self-importance:
— Too big for his britches.

synonyms: swelled, vainglorious.

9 big

of animals Fully developed.

synonyms: adult, full-grown, fully grown, grown, grownup.

10 big

Marked by intense physical force.

11 big

Generous and understanding and tolerant:
— A heart big enough to hold no grudges.
— That's very big of you to be so forgiving.

synonyms: large, magnanimous.

Polish: wielkoduszny, wspaniałomyślny

12 big

Given or giving freely:
— Was a big tipper.

synonyms: bighearted, bounteous, bountiful, freehanded, giving, handsome, liberal, openhanded.

13 big

In an advanced stage of pregnancy:
— Was big with child.

synonyms: enceinte, expectant, gravid, great, heavy, large, with child.

Roget 192: large, big; great etc. (in quantity) 31; considerable, bulky, voluminous, ample, massive, massy; capacious, comprehensive; ... show more

Roget 31: great; greater etc. 33; large, considerable, fair, above par; big, huge etc. (large in size) 192; ... show more


1 big

Extremely well.

2 big

In a boastful manner:
— He talked big all evening.

synonyms: boastfully, large, vauntingly.

3 big

On a grand scale.

4 big

In a major way.

Moby thesaurus: adult, aggrandized, ample, apotheosized, arrogant, arty, awash, awesome, awful, awfully, beatified, benevolent, big boy, big cheese, big noise, big shot, big-league, big-name, big-time, bighearted ... show more.

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