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1 stupendous

So great in size or force or extent as to elicit awe:
— A stupendous field of grass.
— Stupendous demand.

synonyms: colossal, prodigious.

Roget 31: great; greater etc. 33; large, considerable, fair, above par; big, huge etc. (large in size) 192; ... show more

Roget 192: large, big; great etc. (in quantity) 31; considerable, bulky, voluminous, ample, massive, massy; capacious, comprehensive; ... show more

Roget 870: surprised etc. v.; aghast, all agog, breathless, agape; open-mouthed; awestruck, thunderstruck, moonstruck, planet-struck; spellbound; lost in amazement, ... show more

Polish: gigantyczny, kolosalny

Moby thesaurus: Atlantean, Brobdingnagian, Cyclopean, Gargantuan, Herculean, Homeric, abysmal, amazing, amplitudinous, astonishing, astounding, astronomic, astronomical, awesome, beguiling, bewildering, boundless, bulky, colossal, cosmic ... show more.

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