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1 lemon

Yellow oval fruit with juicy acidic flesh.

Roget 272: vehicle, conveyance, carriage, caravan, van; common carrier; wagon, waggon, wain, dray, cart, lorry.    truck, tram; ... show more

Dutch: citroen
Polish: cytryna

2 lemon

A strong yellow color.

synonyms: gamboge, lemon yellow, maize.

Dutch: citroengeel

3 lemon

A small evergreen tree that originated in Asia but is widely cultivated for its fruit.

synonyms: Citrus limon, lemon tree.

Dutch: citroen, citroenboom
Polish: drzewo cytrynowe, cytryna, cytryna zwyczajna, cytrynowiec

4 lemon

A distinctive tart flavor characteristic of lemons.

5 lemon

An artifact (especially an automobile) that is defective or unsatisfactory.

synonym: stinker.

Moby thesaurus: acid, acidulant, aureate, auric, beige, bomb, bread-and-butter pickle, buff, buff-yellow, bust, canary, canary-yellow, chokecherry, citron, citron-yellow, crab apple, cream, creamy, dill pickle, dud ... show more.

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