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1 cooperation

Joint operation or action.

Roget 23: agreement; accord, accordance; unison, harmony; concord etc. 714; concordance, concert; understanding, mutual understanding.    conformity etc. ... show more

Roget 178: concurrence, cooperation, coagency; union; agreement etc. 23; consilience; consent, coincidence etc. (assent) 488; alliance; ... show more

Roget 488: assent, assentment; acquiescence, admission; nod; accord, concord, concordance; agreement etc. 23; affirmance, affirmation; recognition, ... show more

Roget 709: cooperation; coadjuvancy, coadjutancy; coagency, coefficiency; concert, concurrence, complicity, participation; union etc. 43; additivity, combination ... show more

Roget 778: participation; cotenancy, joint tenancy; occupancy in common, possession in common, tenancy in common; joint stock, common stock; co-partnership, partnership; communion; community of possessions, community of goods; communism, ... show more

Polish: kooperacja, współpraca

2 cooperation

The practice of cooperating.

Dutch: coöperatie, samenwerking, samenwerkingsverband

Moby thesaurus: accompaniment, accord, accordance, advocacy, affiliation, affinity, agreement, aid, alliance, alternation, assent, assistance, association, auspices, backing, backup, battledore and shuttlecock, blessing, cahoots, chorus ... show more.

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