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1 huddle

informal A quick private conference.

synonym: powwow.

Roget 59: disorder; derangement etc. 61; irregularity; anomaly etc. (unconformity) 83; anarchy, anarchism; want of method; untidiness ... show more

2 huddle

A disorganized and densely packed crowd.


1 huddle

Crowd or draw together:
— Let's huddle together--it's cold!.

synonym: huddle together.

Roget 61: derange; disarrange, misarrange; displace, misplace; mislay, discompose, disorder; deorganize, discombobulate, disorganize; embroil, unsettle, ... show more

Roget 72: assemble [be or come together], collect, muster; meet, unite, join, rejoin; cluster, flock, swarm, surge, stream, herd, ... show more

Roget 197: be near etc. adj.; adjoin, hang about, trench on; border upon, verge upon; stand by, approximate, tread on the heels of, cling to, clasp, hug; ... show more

Roget 696: assemble, gather together, meet (assemblage) 72; confer, caucus, hold council; huddle [Coll.].   

2 huddle

Crouch or curl up:
— They huddled outside in the rain.

synonym: cower.

Moby thesaurus: around, assemble, ataxia, audience, bargaining, bargaining session, bunch, bunch up, chaos, clasp, cling to, clot, clump, cluster, clutter, collect, come together, conclave, confab, confabulation ... show more.

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