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1 blend

An occurrence of thorough mixing.

Dutch: melange

2 blend

A new word formed by joining two others and combining their meanings:
— `smog' is a blend of `smoke' and `fog'.

synonyms: portmanteau, portmanteau word.

Dutch: mengwoord
Polish: kompozycja, wyraz złożony, złożenie

3 blend

The act of blending components together thoroughly.

synonym: blending.


1 blend

Combine into one:
— Blend the nuts and raisins together.
— He blends in with the crowd.

synonyms: immingle, intermingle, intermix.

Dutch: vermengen

2 blend

Blend or harmonize:
— This flavor will blend with those in your dish.

synonyms: blend in, go.

3 blend

Mix together different elements:
— The colors blend well.

synonyms: coalesce, combine, commingle, conflate, flux, fuse, immix, meld, merge, mix.

Roget 48: combine, unite, incorporate, amalgamate, embody, absorb, reembody, blend, merge, fuse, melt into one, consolidate, coalesce, centralize, ... show more

Roget 41: mix; join etc. 43; combine etc. 48; commix, immix, intermix; mix up with, mingle; commingle, intermingle, ... show more

Dutch: combineren, mengen, mixen, samensmelten, samenvoegen, verbinden, vermengen

Moby thesaurus: Anschluss, accord, add, addition, admix, admixture, affiliation, agglomeration, aggregation, agreement, alliance, alloy, amalgam, amalgamate, amalgamation, arrange, assimilate, assimilation, association, assonate ... show more.

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