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1 appurtenance

Equipment consisting of miscellaneous articles needed for a particular operation or sport etc..

synonyms: gear, paraphernalia.

Roget 56: component; component part, integral part, integrant part; element, constituent, ingredient, leaven; part and parcel; contents; appurtenance; feature; member etc. ... show more

Dutch: spullen, onderdelen, spulletjes, versnelling, overbrenging, accessoire, accessoires, parafernalia, toebehoren
Polish: ekwipunek, rynsztunek

2 appurtenance

A supplementary component that improves capability.

synonyms: accessory, add-on, supplement.

Roget 88: accompaniment; adjunct etc. 39; context; appendage, appurtenance.    coexistence, concomitance, company, association, companionship; partnership, copartnership; ... show more

Dutch: hulptoestel
Polish: akcesorium, dodatek, dopełnienie, uzupełnienie

Moby thesaurus: accession, accessory, accident, accidental, accommodation, accompaniment, addenda, addendum, additament, addition, additive, additory, additum, adjunct, adjuvant, advantage, amenity, annex, annexation, appanage ... show more.

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