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1 hypocrite

A person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives.

synonyms: dissembler, dissimulator, phoney, phony, pretender.

Roget 548: deceiver etc. (deceive) etc. 545; dissembler, hypocrite; sophist, Pharisee, Jesuit, Mawworm, Pecksniff, Joseph Surface, Tartufe, ... show more

Roget 988: impiety; sin etc. 945; irreverence; profaneness etc. adj.; profanity, profanation; blasphemy, desecration, sacrilege; scoffing ... show more

Dutch: draaikont, farizeeër, huichelaar, hypocriet, Januskop, januskop, jezuïet, schijnheilige, smoelentrekker, valsaard ... show more
Polish: faryzeusz, fałszywiec, hipokryta, jezuita, obłudnik

Moby thesaurus: Holy Willie, Joseph Surface, Mawworm, Pecksniff, Pharisee, Tartuffe, actor, affecter, ape, attitudinizer, bluffer, canter, canting hypocrite, charlatan, con man, confidence man, conformist, copier, copycat, copyist ... show more.

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