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1 jobber

Someone who buys large quantities of goods and resells to merchants rather than to the ultimate customers.

synonyms: middleman, wholesaler.

Roget 548: deceiver etc. (deceive) etc. 545; dissembler, hypocrite; sophist, Pharisee, Jesuit, Mawworm, Pecksniff, Joseph Surface, Tartufe, ... show more

Roget 700: proficient, expert, adept, dab; dabster, crackerjack; connoisseur etc. (scholar) 492; master, master hand; prima donna [Sp.], first fiddle, ... show more

Roget 797: merchant, trader, dealer, monger, chandler, salesman; changer; regrater; shopkeeper, shopman; tradesman, tradespeople, tradesfolk.    ... show more

Roget 799a: stock market, stock exchange, securities exchange; bourse, board; the big board, the New York Stock Exchange; the market, the open market; over-the-counter market; privately traded issues.    commodities exchange, futures exchange, ... show more

Roget 943: selfishness etc. adj.; self-love, self-indulgence, self-worship, self-interest; egotism, egoism; amour propre [Fr.], etc. (vanity) 880; nepotism.    ... show more

Dutch: groothandelaar, grossier, stalhouder, tussenhandelaar
Polish: hurtownik

Moby thesaurus: Wall Streeter, agent, blue-collar worker, bond crowd, breadwinner, broker, casual, casual laborer, chandler, common laborer, connection, curb broker, day laborer, dealer, distributor, employee, factory worker, floor broker, floor trader, floorman ... show more.

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1 job

The principal activity in your life that you do to earn money.

synonyms: business, line, line of work, occupation.

Roget 625: business, occupation, employment; pursuit etc. 622; what one is doing, what one is about; affair, concern, matter, case.    matter in hand, ... show more

Roget 680: action, performance; doing, etc. v.; perpetration; exercise, excitation; movement, operation, evolution, work; labor ... show more

Roget 940: improbity; dishonesty, dishonor; deviation from rectitude; disgrace etc. (disrepute) 874; fraud etc. (deception) 545; lying etc. ... show more

Dutch: baan, beroep, betrekking, dienstverband, functie, job, m├ętier, positie, post, professie ... show more
Polish: praca, robota, zatrudnienie

2 job

A specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee:
— Estimates of the city's loss on that job ranged as high as a million dollars.
— The job of repairing the engine took several hours.

synonyms: chore, task.

Dutch: arbeid, baan, corvee, karwei, opgave, taak, werk, werklast

3 job

A workplace; as in the expression `on the job'.

Dutch: werkplek

4 job

An object worked on; a result produced by working.

Dutch: griet

5 job

The responsibility to do something.

Dutch: griet

6 job

The performance of a piece of work.

7 job

A damaging piece of work.

Dutch: dagwerk

8 job

A state of difficulty that needs to be resolved:
— It is always a job to contact him.

synonym: problem.

Dutch: kwestie, oefening, opgaaf, probleem, vraagstuk

9 Job

A Jewish hero in the Old Testament who maintained his faith in God in spite of afflictions that tested him.

Polish: Hiob

10 Job

Any long-suffering person who withstands affliction without despairing.

11 job

computer science A program application that may consist of several steps but is a single logical unit.

Dutch: job

12 Job

A book in the Old Testament containing Job's pleas to God about his afflictions and God's reply.

synonym: Book of Job.

Dutch: Job

13 job

A crime (especially a robbery):
— The gang pulled off a bank job in St. Louis.

synonym: caper.


1 job

Profit privately from public office and official business.

2 job

Arranged for contracted work to be done by others.

synonyms: farm out, subcontract.

3 job

Work occasionally.

4 job

Invest at a risk.

synonym: speculate.

Moby thesaurus: accomplished fact, accomplishment, achievement, act, acta, action, adventure, affair, appointment, assignment, bamboozle, be in, befool, berth, billet, blow, burglary, business, busywork, calling ... show more.

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