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1 Rosicrucian

A member of any of various organizations that subsequently derived from the 17th-century society.

Polish: różokrzyżowiec

2 Rosicrucian

A member of a secret 17th-century society of philosophers and scholars versed in mystical and metaphysical and alchemical lore.

Roget 548: deceiver etc. (deceive) etc. 545; dissembler, hypocrite; sophist, Pharisee, Jesuit, Mawworm, Pecksniff, Joseph Surface, Tartufe, ... show more

Roget 984: heterodoxy; error etc. 495; false doctrine, heresy, schism; schismaticism, schismaticalness; recusancy, backsliding, apostasy; atheism etc. ... show more

Roget 994: sorcerer, magician; thaumaturgist, theurgist; conjuror, necromancer, seer, wizard, witch; hoodoo, voodoo; fairy etc. ... show more


1 Rosicrucian

Of or relating to the Rosicrucians.

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