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Roget category 701

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.3. Voluntary action
›› 5.3.2. Complex voluntary action

#701. Bungler


bunglerblunderer, blunderheadmarplot, fumbler, lubber, duffer, dauber, stickbad hand, poor hand, poor shotbutterfingers.
no conjurer, flat, muff, slow coach, looby, lubber, swabclod, yokel, awkward squad, blanc-becgaloot.
land lubberfresh water sailor, fair weather sailorhorse marinefish out of water, ass in lion's skin, jackdaw in peacock's feathersquack etc. (deceiver) 548 lord of misrule.
sloven, slattern, trapes.
amateur, novice, greenhorn (learner) 541.


il n'a pas invente' la poudre [Fr.]he will never set the Thames on fireacierta errando [Lat.]aliquis in omnibus nullus in singulis [Lat.].

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