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1 Sophist

Any of a group of Greek philosophers and teachers in the 5th century BC who speculated on a wide range of subjects.

Polish: sofista

2 sophist

Someone whose reasoning is subtle and often specious.

synonym: casuist.

Roget 492: scholar, connoisseur, savant, pundit, schoolman, professor, graduate, wrangler; academician, academist; master of arts, doctor, licentitate, ... show more

Roget 548: deceiver etc. (deceive) etc. 545; dissembler, hypocrite; sophist, Pharisee, Jesuit, Mawworm, Pecksniff, Joseph Surface, Tartufe, ... show more

Moby thesaurus: Jesuit, casuist, choplogic, cosmologist, dialectician, logicaster, logician, logistician, metaphysician, paralogist, philosophaster, philosophe, philosopher, philosophizer, ratiocinator, rationalist, rationalizer, reasoner, sophister, speculator ... show more.

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