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1 spoil

usually plural Valuables taken by violence (especially in war).

Roget 793: booty, spoil, plunder, prize, loot, swag [Slang], pickings; spolia opima [Lat.], prey; blackmail; stolen goods.   

Dutch: plundering, roofbuit
Polish: trofeum, zdobycz

2 spoil

The act of spoiling something by causing damage to it:
— Her spoiling my dress was deliberate.

synonyms: spoilage, spoiling.

Polish: psucie

3 spoil

The act of stripping and taking by force.

synonyms: despoilation, despoilment, despoliation, spoilation, spoliation.

Dutch: beroving, plundering, vrijbuiterij


1 spoil

Make a mess of, destroy or ruin.

synonyms: ball up, blow, bobble, bodge, bollix, bollix up, bollocks, bollocks up, botch, botch up ... show more.

Roget 869: sate, satiate, satisfy, saturate; cloy, quench, slake, pall, glut.   , gorge, surfeit; bore etc. (weary) ... show more

Dutch: bederven, hannesen, haspelen, infesteren, klunzen, krukken, mispeuteren, naar de knoppen helpen, stuntelen, verbroddelen ... show more

2 spoil

Become unfit for consumption or use:
— The meat must be eaten before it spoils.

synonym: go bad.

Dutch: bederven

3 spoil

Alter from the original.

synonym: corrupt.

4 spoil

Treat with excessive indulgence.

synonyms: baby, cocker, coddle, cosset, featherbed, indulge, mollycoddle, pamper.

Roget 740: be lenient etc. adj.; tolerate, bear with; parcere subjectis [Lat.], give quarter.    indulge, allow one to have his own way, spoil.   

Dutch: vertroetelen, verwennen

5 spoil

Hinder or prevent (the efforts, plans, or desires) of.

synonyms: baffle, bilk, cross, foil, frustrate, queer, scotch, thwart.

Roget 706: hinder, impede, filibuster [U.S.], impedite, embarrass.    keep off, stave off, ward off; obviate; avert, antevert; turn aside, draw off, ... show more

Dutch: afweren, dwarsbomen, frustreren, torpederen

6 spoil

Have a strong desire or urge to do something:
— He is spoiling for a fight.

synonym: itch.

Dutch: jeuk

7 spoil

Destroy and strip of its possession.

synonyms: despoil, plunder, rape, violate.

Roget 791: steal, thieve, rob, mug, purloin, pilfer, filch, prig, bag, nim, crib, cabbage, palm; abstract; ... show more

Dutch: verprutsen

8 spoil

Make imperfect.

synonyms: deflower, impair, mar, vitiate.

Dutch: bederven, ontluisteren, ontsieren


Roget 659: unimproved etc. (improve) etc. 658; deteriorated etc. v.; altered, altered for the worse; injured etc. v.; ... show more

Moby thesaurus: accommodate, acquisition, baby, baffle, balk, be after, be all thumbs, be desirous of, be spoiling for, blackmail, blast, blemish, blight, blot, blunder, blunder away, blunder into, blunder on, blunder upon, boggle ... show more.

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