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Roget category 61

1. Words expressing abstract relations
1.4. Order
›› 1.4.1. Order in general

#61. [Subversion of Order; bringing into disorder.] Derangement


derangement etc. v. — disorder etc. 59evection, discomposure, disturbancedisorganization, deorganizationdislocationperturbation, interruptionshuffling etc. v. — inversion etc. 218corrugation etc. (fold) 258involvement.
interchange etc. 148.


derangedisarrange, misarrangedisplace, misplacemislay, discompose, disorderdeorganize, discombobulate, disorganizeembroil, unsettle, disturb, confuse, trouble, perturb, jumble, tumbleshuffle, randomizehuddle, muddle, toss, hustle, fumble, riotbring into disorder, put into disorder, throw into disorder etc. 59muss [U.S.]break the ranks, disconcert, convulsebreak in upon.
unhinge, dislocate, put out of joint, throw out of gear.
turn topsy-turvy etc. (invert) 218bedevilcomplicate, involve, perplex, confoundimbrangle, embrangle, tangle, entangle, ravel, tousle, towzle, dishevel, rufflerumple etc. (fold) 258.
litter, scattermix etc. 41.
rearrange etc. 148.


deranged etc. v. — syncretic, syncretisticmussy, messyflakyrandom, unordered [U.S.].

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