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sympathize with


1 sympathize with

Share the suffering of.

synonyms: compassionate, condole with, feel for, pity.

Roget 897: love, like, affect, fancy, care for, take an interest in, be partial to, sympathize with; affection; be in love with etc. adj.; have a love ... show more

Roget 906: be benevolent etc. adj.; have one's heart in the right place, bear good will; wish well, wish Godspeed; view with an eye of favor, regard with an eye of favor; take in good part; take an interest in, feel an interest in; be interested in, ... show more

Roget 714: agree etc. 23; accord, harmonize with; fraternize; be concordant etc. adj.; go hand in hand; run parallel etc. (concur) 178; ... show more

Roget 888: be friendly etc. adj., be friends etc. 890, be acquainted with etc. adj.; know; have the ear of; keep company with etc. (sociality) ... show more

Dutch: deelnemen, delen, meeleven, meevoelen

Moby thesaurus: accord, ache, agree, agree with, appreciate, assure, be affected, be in tune, be inspired, be involved, be moved, be sorry for, bear up, bleed, bleed for, care about, catch the flame, catch the infection, change color, cheer ... show more.

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