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1 defy

Resist or confront with resistance.

synonyms: hold, hold up, withstand.

Roget 909: threat, threaten; menace; snarl, growl, gnarl, mutter, bark, bully.    defy etc. 715; intimidate ... show more

Dutch: weerstaan

2 defy

Elude, especially in a baffling way.

synonyms: refuse, resist.

3 defy


synonym: dare.

Roget 861: be courageous etc. adj.; dare, venture, make bold; face danger, front danger, affront danger, confront danger, brave danger, defy danger, despise danger, mock danger; ... show more

Roget 715: defy, dare, beard; brave etc. (courage) 861; bid defiance to; set at defiance, set at naught; hurl defiance at; dance the war dance, beat the war drums; ... show more

Dutch: het hoofd bieden, tarten, uitdagen

Moby thesaurus: affront, attack, baffle, balk, battle cry, be a man, be proof against, bear up, bear up against, beard, bid defiance, bid to combat, blast, brave, brazen out, break, break the law, breast, bring before, bring forward ... show more.

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