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1 mulct

Money extracted as a penalty.

synonyms: amercement, fine.

Roget 974: penalty; retribution etc. (punishment) 972; pain, pains and penalties; weregild, wergild; peine forte et dure [Fr.]; penance etc. (atonement) 952; ... show more

Dutch: geldboete, scherp, intentie, ambitie, bedoeling, doel, boete
Polish: grzywna


1 mulct

Deprive of by deceit.

synonyms: bunco, con, defraud, diddle, goldbrick, hornswoggle, nobble, rook, scam, short-change ... show more.

Roget 791: steal, thieve, rob, mug, purloin, pilfer, filch, prig, bag, nim, crib, cabbage, palm; abstract; ... show more

Roget 974: fine, mulct, amerce, sconce, confiscate; sequestrate, sequester; escheat [Law]; estreat, forfeit.   

2 mulct

Impose a fine on.

Moby thesaurus: amerce, amercement, beat, beguile of, bilk, bleed, bunco, burn, cheat, chisel, chouse, chouse out of, claim, cog, cog the dice, con, cozen, crib, damages, defraud ... show more.

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