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1 pigeon

Wild and domesticated birds having a heavy body and short legs.

Roget 547: dupe, gull, gudgeon, gobemouche, cull [Slang], cully, victim, pigeon, April fool; jay [Slang], sucker [Slang]; laughingstock etc. 857; ... show more

Dutch: doffer, duif
Polish: gołąb, gruchacz


Roget 791: steal, thieve, rob, mug, purloin, pilfer, filch, prig, bag, nim, crib, cabbage, palm; abstract; ... show more

Moby thesaurus: Cornish hen, avifauna, babe, baby bird, bamboozle, beat, beguile, beguile of, betray, bilk, bird, bird of Jove, bird of Juno, bird of Minerva, bird of night, bird of passage, bird of prey, birdie, birdlife, birdy ... show more.

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