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1 scant

Work hastily or carelessly; deal with inadequately and superficially.

synonym: skimp.

Dutch: aankloten, aanmodderen, aanrommelen, broddelen, klooien, kloten, klungelen, knoeien, mieren, modderen ... show more

2 scant

Limit in quality or quantity.

synonym: skimp.

3 scant

Supply sparingly and with restricted quantities.

synonyms: skimp, stint.


1 scant

Less than the correct or legal or full amount often deliberately so:
— A scant cup of sugar.

synonyms: light, short.

Roget 32: small, little; diminutive etc. (small in size) 193; minute; fine; inconsiderable, paltry etc. (unimportant) 643; faint ... show more

Roget 640: insufficient, inadequate; too little etc. 32; not enough etc. 639; unequal to; incompetent etc. (impotent) 158; weighed in the balance and found wanting;" ... show more

Roget 203: narrow, close; slender, thin, fine; thread-like etc. (filament) 205; finespun, gossamer; paper-thin; taper, ... show more

Roget 193: little; small etc. (in quantity) 32; minute, diminutive, microscopic; microzoal; inconsiderable etc. (unimportant) 643; exiguous, ... show more

Roget 103: few; scant, scanty; thin, rare, scattered, thinly scattered, spotty, few and far between, exiguous; infrequent etc. 137; rari nantes [Lat.]; ... show more

Moby thesaurus: Lenten, Spartan, abstemious, angustifoliate, angustirostrate, angustisellate, angustiseptal, arrested, ascetic, austere, bankrupt in, bare of, begrudge, bereft of, bound, callow, cheeseparing, chinchy, chintzy, circumscribed ... show more.

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