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1 microscopic

Of or relating to or used in microscopy:
— Microscopic analysis.
— Microscopical examination.

synonym: microscopical.

Roget 32: small, little; diminutive etc. (small in size) 193; minute; fine; inconsiderable, paltry etc. (unimportant) 643; faint ... show more

Roget 193: little; small etc. (in quantity) 32; minute, diminutive, microscopic; microzoal; inconsiderable etc. (unimportant) 643; exiguous, ... show more

Polish: mikroskopowy

2 microscopic

Visible under a microscope; using a microscope.

synonym: microscopical.

Polish: mikroskopijny

3 microscopic

Extremely precise with great attention to details.

4 microscopic

So small as to be invisible without a microscope:
— Differences were microscopic.

synonym: microscopical.

Moby thesaurus: 3-D, atomic, close, constant, corpuscular, delicate, direct, embryonic, evanescent, even, exact, express, faithful, fine, germinal, granular, impalpable, imperceptible, imponderable, inappreciable ... show more.

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