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1 thrum

A thrumming sound.


1 thrum

Sound with a monotonous hum.

synonym: hum.

Dutch: ronken

2 thrum

Sound the strings of (a stringed instrument).

synonym: strum.

Roget 416: play, pipe, strike up, sweep the chords, tweedle, fiddle; strike the lyre, beat the drum; blow the horn, sound the horn, wind the horn; doodle; grind the organ; touch the guitar ... show more

3 thrum

Make a rhythmic sound.

synonyms: beat, drum.

Dutch: slaan, trommelen

Moby thesaurus: barrage, beat, beat a ruffle, beat a tattoo, beat the drum, beat time, beating, birr, bombilate, bombinate, boom, bum, bumble, burr, buzz, count, count the beats, drone, drum, drum music ... show more.

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