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1 enmity

A state of deep-seated ill-will.

synonyms: antagonism, hostility.

Roget 713: disagreement etc. 24; discord, disaccord, dissidence, dissonance; jar, clash, shock; jarring, jostling etc. v.; ... show more

Roget 889: enmity, hostility; unfriendliness etc. adj.; discord etc. 713; bitterness, rancor.    alienation, estrangement; dislike ... show more

Roget 898: hate, hatred, vials of hate.    disaffection, disfavor; alienation, estrangement, coolness; enmity etc. 889; animosity etc. 900.    ... show more

Dutch: animositeit, hostiliteit, vijandigheid, vijandschap

2 enmity

The feeling of a hostile person.

synonyms: hostility, ill will.

Roget 907: malevolence; bad intent, bad intention; unkindness, diskindness; ill nature, ill will, ill blood; bad blood; enmity etc. 889; hate etc. ... show more

Dutch: rancune, animositeit, haat, haatgevoel, haatgevoelens, vijandschap

Moby thesaurus: Discordia, Eris, Kilkenny cats, abhorrence, abomination, alienation, allergy, altercation, animosity, animus, antagonism, antipathy, argument, aversion, bad blood, bickering, bitterness, cat-and-dog life, clash, clashing ... show more.

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