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Roget category 898

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.3. Sympathetic affections
›› 6.3.1. Social affections

#898. Hate


hate, hatred, vials of hate.
disaffection, disfavoralienation, estrangement, coolnessenmity etc. 889animosity etc. 900.
umbrage, pique, grudgedudgeon, spleen bitterness, bitterness of feeling ill blood, bad bloodacrimonymalice etc. 907implacability etc. (revenge) 919.
repugnance etc. (dislike) 867misanthropy, demonophobia, gynephobia, negrophobiaodium, unpopularitydetestation, antipathyobject of hatred, object of execrationabomination, aversion, b=ete noireenemy etc. 891bitter pillsource of annoyance etc. 830.


hate, detest, abominate, abhor, loatherecoil at, shudder atshrink from, view with horror, hold in abomination, revolt against, execratescowl etc. 895disrelish etc. (dislike) 867.
owe a grudgebear spleen, bear a grudge, bear malice etc. (malevolence) 907conceive an aversion to, take a dislike to.
excite hatred, provoke hatred etc. n. — be hateful etc. adj. — stink in the nostrilsestrange, alienate, repel, set against, sow dissension, set by the ears, envenom, incense, irritate, rilehorrify etc. 830roil.


hating etc. v. — abhorrentaverse from etc. (disliking) 867set against.
bitter etc. (acrimonious) 895implacable etc. (revengeful) 919.
unloved, unbeloved, unlamented, undeplored, unmourned, uncared for, unendeared, un-valueddisliked etc. 867.
crossed in love, forsaken, rejected, lovelorn, jilted.
obnoxious, hateful, odious, abominable, repulsive, offensive, shockingdisgusting etc. (disagreeable) 830reprehensible.
invidious, spitefulmalicious etc. 907.
insulting, irritating, provoking.
[Mutual hate] at daggers drawnnot on speaking terms etc. (enmity) 889at loggerheads.


no love lost between.

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