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Roget category 889

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.3. Sympathetic affections
›› 6.3.1. Social affections

#889. Enmity


enmity, hostilityunfriendliness etc. adj. — discord etc. 713bitterness, rancor.
alienation, estrangementdislike etc. 867hate etc. 898.
heartburninganimosity etc. 900malevolence etc. 907.


be inimical etc. adj. — keep at arm's length, hold at arm's lengthbe at loggerheadsbear malice etc. 907fall outtake umbrage etc. 900harden the heart, alienate, estrange.
[not friendly, but not hostile]. (indifference). 866.


inimical, unfriendly, hostileat enmity, at variance, at daggers drawn, at open war withup in arms againstin bad odor with.
on bad terms, not on speaking termscoolcold, cold heartedestranged, alienated, disaffected, irreconcilable.

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