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1 jangle

A metallic sound:
— The jangle of spurs.

synonym: jingle.

Roget 713: disagreement etc. 24; discord, disaccord, dissidence, dissonance; jar, clash, shock; jarring, jostling etc. v.; ... show more

Polish: dżingel, dżingiel


1 jangle

Make a sound typical of metallic objects.

synonyms: jingle, jingle-jangle.

Roget 410: creak, grate, jar, burr, pipe, twang, jangle, clank, clink; scream etc. (cry) 411; ... show more

Roget 713: be discordant etc. adj.; disagree, come amiss etc. 24; clash, jar, jostle, pull different ways, conflict, have no measures with, ... show more

Moby thesaurus: Babel, Bedlam let loose, Discordia, Eris, agree to disagree, babel, be at cross-purposes, be at variance, bedlam, belch, blare, blast, blat, bobbery, brawl, bray, break, break off, brouhaha, burr ... show more.

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