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1 malevolence

Wishing evil to others.

synonym: malignity.

Roget 649: hurtfulness etc. adj.; virulence.    evil doer etc. 913; bane etc. 663; plague spot etc. (insalubrity) 657; ... show more

Roget 889: enmity, hostility; unfriendliness etc. adj.; discord etc. 713; bitterness, rancor.    alienation, estrangement; dislike ... show more

Roget 907: malevolence; bad intent, bad intention; unkindness, diskindness; ill nature, ill will, ill blood; bad blood; enmity etc. 889; hate etc. ... show more

Roget 914a: pitilessness etc. adj.; inclemency; severity etc. 739; malevolence etc. 907.   

Roget 919: revenge, revengement; vengeance; avengement, avengeance, sweet revenge, vendetta, death feud, blood for blood retaliation etc. 718; day of reckoning.    rancor, ... show more

2 malevolence

The quality of threatening evil.

synonyms: malevolency, malice.

Moby thesaurus: Anglophobia, Russophobia, abhorrence, abomination, antagonism, anti-Semitism, antipathy, aversion, bad blood, bad temper, bad will, badness, belligerence, bigotry, blighting glance, clash, clashing, collision, conflict, contention ... show more.

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