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1 approximate

Be close or similar:
— Her results approximate my own.

synonym: come close.

Roget 286: approach, approximate, appropinquate; near; get near, go near, draw near; come to close quarters, come near; move towards, set in towards; drift; make up to; ... show more

Roget 17: be similar etc. adj.; look like, resemble, bear resemblance; smack of, savor of, approximate; parallel, match, rhyme with; take after; imitate ... show more

Roget 197: be near etc. adj.; adjoin, hang about, trench on; border upon, verge upon; stand by, approximate, tread on the heels of, cling to, clasp, hug; ... show more

2 approximate

Judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time).

synonyms: estimate, gauge, guess, judge.

Dutch: gissen, raden


1 approximate

Not quite exact or correct:
— The approximate time was 10 o'clock.

synonyms: approximative, rough.

2 approximate

Very close in resemblance:
— Sketched in an approximate likeness.

synonym: near.

Roget 17: similar; resembling etc. v.; like, alike; twin.    analogous, analogical; parallel, of a piece [Fr.]; such as, so; ... show more

3 approximate

Located close together:
— Approximate leaves grow together but are not united.

synonym: close together.

Moby thesaurus: accost, advance, advancing, ape, appear like, approach, approaching, appropinquate, approximating, approximative, arm-in-arm, assimilate, attracted to, be around, be like, be near, be redolent of, bear down on, bear down upon, bear resemblance ... show more.

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