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1 operator

mathematics A symbol or function representing a mathematical operation.

Roget 662: remedy, help, cure, redress; medicine, medicament; diagnosis, medical examination; medical treatment; surgery; preventive medicine.    [medical devices] clinical thermometer, ... show more

Roget 690: doer, actor, agent, performer, perpetrator, operator; executor, executrix; practitioner, worker, stager.    bee, ant, working bee, ... show more

Roget 799a: stock market, stock exchange, securities exchange; bourse, board; the big board, the New York Stock Exchange; the market, the open market; over-the-counter market; privately traded issues.    commodities exchange, futures exchange, ... show more

Dutch: operator

2 operator

An agent that operates some apparatus or machine:
— The operator of the switchboard.

synonym: manipulator.

Polish: operator

3 operator

Someone who owns or operates a business.

4 operator

A shrewd or unscrupulous person who knows how to circumvent difficulties.

synonyms: hustler, wheeler dealer.

Dutch: computeroperator, operator

5 operator

A speculator who trades aggressively on stock or commodity markets.

Moby thesaurus: Machiavellian, PBX operator, activist, actor, administrator, adventurer, agent, architect, author, ball of fire, beaver, behind-the-scenes operator, big operator, big wheel, big-time operator, bustler, busy bee, central, coconspirator, conductor ... show more.

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