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1 enliven

Heighten or intensify.

synonyms: animate, exalt, inspire, invigorate.

Roget 834: relieve, ease, alleviate, mitigate, palliate, soothe; salve; soften, soften down; foment, stupe, poultice; assuage, allay.    ... show more

Roget 836: be cheerful etc. adj.; have the mind at ease, smile, put a good face upon, keep up one's spirits; view the bright side of the picture, view things en couleur de rose [Fr.]; ridentem dicere virum [Lat.], cheer up, brighten up, light up, bear up; ... show more

Roget 829: cause pleasure, produce pleasure, create pleasure, give pleasure, afford pleasure, procure pleasure, offer pleasure, present pleasure, yield pleasure etc. 827.    please, charm, delight, ... show more

Roget 840: amuse, entertain, divert, enliven; tickle the fancy; titillate, raise a smile, put in good humor; cause laughter, create laughter, occasion laughter, raise laughter, excite laughter, produce laughter, ... show more

Dutch: aanmoedigen, animeren

2 enliven

Make lively.

synonyms: animate, invigorate, liven, liven up.

Moby thesaurus: amuse, animate, arouse, awaken, beguile, boost, brace, brace up, brighten, brisk, brisken, buck up, buoy up, cheer, cheer up, chirk up, convulse, delight, divert, dynamize ... show more.

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