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1 tympanum

The main cavity of the ear; between the eardrum and the inner ear.

synonyms: middle ear, tympanic cavity.

Roget 210: summit, summity; top, peak, vertex, apex, zenith, pinnacle, acme, culmination, meridian, utmost height, ne plus utra, height, ... show more

Dutch: middenoor

2 tympanum

The membrane in the ear that vibrates to sound.

synonyms: eardrum, myringa, tympanic membrane.

Roget 418: hearing etc. v.; audition, auscultation; eavesdropping; audibility.    acute ear, nice ear, delicate ear, quick ear, sharp ear, correct ear, ... show more

Dutch: gehoorvlies, trommelvlies
Polish: bębenek, błona bębenkowa

3 tympanum

A large hemispherical brass or copper percussion instrument with a drumhead that can be tuned by adjusting the tension on it.

synonyms: kettle, kettledrum, timpani, tympani.

Dutch: pauk, pauken
Polish: kocioł

Moby thesaurus: Eustachian tube, allantoic membrane, amnion, amniotic sac, anvil, arachnoid membrane, auditory apparatus, auditory canal, auditory meatus, auditory nerve, auditory ossicles, auditory tube, auricle, basement membrane, basilar membrane, bongo drum, bony labyrinth, cauliflower ear, cochlea, conch ... show more.

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