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1 intervene

Get involved, so as to alter or hinder an action, or through force or threat of force:
— Why did the U.S. not intervene earlier in WW II?.

synonyms: interfere, interpose, step in.

Roget 70: be discontinuous etc. adj.; alternate, intermit, sputter, stop and start, hesitate.    discontinue, pause, interrupt; intervene; break, ... show more

Roget 106: continue last endure, go on, remain, persist; intervene; elapse etc. 109; hold out.    take time, take up time, fill time, occupy time.    pass time, ... show more

Roget 228: lie between, come between, get between; intervene, slide in, interpenetrate, permeate.    put between, introduce, import, throw in, wedge in, edge in, jam in, ... show more

Roget 631: subserve, minister, mediate, intervene; be instrumental etc. adj.; pander to; officiate; tend.   

Roget 724: mediate, mediatize; intercede, interpose, interfere, intervene; step in, negotiate; meet halfway; arbitrate; magnas componere lites [Lat.].    bargain etc. ... show more

Dutch: hinderen, ingrijpen, interfereren, interveniëren, storen, tussenbeide komen, verstoren

2 intervene

Be placed or located between other things or extend between spaces and events.

Dutch: tussenkomen

3 intervene

Occur between other event or between certain points of time.

Dutch: ingrijpen

Moby thesaurus: act between, arbitrate, arrest, bargain, barge in, bottle up, break, break in, break in upon, burst in, butt in, call a break, call time, charge in, check, come between, countercheck, crash, crash in, crash the gates ... show more.

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