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1 compromise

A middle way between two extremes.

synonym: via media.

Roget 774: compromise, commutation, composition; middle term, mezzo termine [It]; compensation etc. 30; abatement of differences, adjustment, mutual concession.   

Roget 769: compact, contract, agreement, bargain; affidation; pact, paction; bond, covenant, indenture; bundobast, deal.    stipulation, settlement, ... show more

Roget 952: atonement, reparation; compromise, composition; compensation etc. 30; quittance, quits; expiation, redemption, reclamation, conciliation, propitiation; ... show more

Roget 628: middle course, midcourse; mean etc. 29; middle etc. 68; juste milieu [Fr.], mezzo termine [It], golden mean, ariston metron [Gr.], aurea mediocritas [Lat.].    straight ... show more

Roget 30: compensation, equation; commutation; indemnification; compromise; etc. 774 neutralization, nullification; counteraction etc. 179; reaction; measure for measure, ... show more

Roget 29: mean, average; median, mode; balance, medium, mediocrity, generality; golden mean etc. (mid-course) 628; middle etc. ... show more

Roget 724: mediation, mediatorship, mediatization; intervention, interposition, interference, intermeddling, intercession; arbitration; flag of truce etc. 723; good offices, peace offering; ... show more

Roget 723: pacification, conciliation; reconciliation, reconcilement; shaking of hands, accommodation, arrangement, adjustment; terms, compromise; amnesty, deed of release.    peace offering; olive branch; ... show more

Dutch: bemiddelingsvoorstel

2 compromise

An accommodation in which both sides make concessions.

Dutch: compromis, dading, schikking, vergelijk
Polish: kompromis


1 compromise

Make a compromise; arrive at a compromise.

Roget 665: be in danger etc. adj.; be exposed to danger, run into danger, incur danger, encounter danger etc. n.; run a risk; lay oneself open to etc. (liability) 177; ... show more

Roget 774: compromise, commute, compound; take the mean; split the difference, meet one halfway, give and take; come to terms etc. (contract) 769; submit to arbitration, abide by arbitration; patch up, ... show more

Roget 769: contract, covenant, agree for; engage etc. (promise) 768.    treat, negotiate, stipulate, make terms; bargain etc. (barter) ... show more

Roget 628: keep in a middle course, preserve a middle course, preserve an even course, go straight etc. (direct) 278.    go halfway, compromise, make a compromise.   

Roget 605: be irresolute etc. adj.; hang in suspense, keep in suspense; leave "ad referendum"; think twice about, pause; dawdle etc. (inactivity) 683; remain neuter; dillydally, ... show more

2 compromise

Settle by concession.

Dutch: tussenoplossing, vergelijk, compromis, plooien

3 compromise

Expose or make liable to danger, suspicion, or disrepute.

Moby thesaurus: Eisenhower Doctrine, Monroe Doctrine, Nixon Doctrine, Truman Doctrine, accommodate, accommodation, adjust, adjustment, agreement, amends, appeasement, arrange matters, arrangement, atonement, balance of power, bargain, blast, blight, bring to terms, bring together ... show more.

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