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Roget category 909

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.3. Sympathetic affections
›› 6.3.2. Diffusive sympathetic affections

#909. Threat


threat, menacedefiance etc. 715abuse, minacity, intimidationdenunciationfulminationcommination etc. (curse) 908gathering clouds etc. (warning) 668.


threat, threaten menacesnarl, growl, gnarl, mutter, bark, bully.
defy etc. 715intimidate etc. 860keep in terrorem [Lat.], hold up in terrorem [Lat.], hold out in terrorem [Lat.]shake the fist at, double the fist at, clinch the fist atthunder, talk big, fulminate, use big words, bluster, look daggers, stare daggers.


threatening, menacingminatory, minaciouscomminatory, abusivein terrorem [Lat.]ominous etc. (predicting) 511defiant etc. 715under the ban.


vae victis! [Lat.], at your peril!, do your worst!,

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