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Roget category 860

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.2. Personal affections
›› 6.2.3. Prospective affections

#860. Fear


fear, timidity, diffidence, want of confidenceapprehensiveness, fearfulness etc. adj. — solicitude, anxiety, care, apprehension, misgivingfeeze [U.S.]mistrust etc. (doubt) 485suspicion, qualmhesitation etc. (irresolution) 605.
nervousness, restlessness etc. adj. — inquietude, disquietude, worry, concernbatophobiaheartquakeflutter, trepidation, fear and trembling, perturbation, tremor, quivering, shaking, trembling, throbbing heart, palpitation, ague fit, cold sweatabject fear etc. (cowardice) 862mortal funk, heartsinking, despondencydespair etc. 859.
frightaffright, affrightmentboof alarm [U.S.], dread, awe, terror, horror, dismay, consternation, panic, scare, stampede (of horses). intimidation, terrorism, reign of terror.
[Object of fear] bug bear, bugabooscarecrowhobgoblin etc. (demon) 980nightmare, Gorgon, mormo, ogre, Hurlothrumbo, raw head and bloody bones, fee-faw-fum, bete noire [Fr.], enfant terrible [Fr.].
alarmist etc. (coward) 862.


fear, stand in awe ofbe afraid etc. adj. — have qualms etc. n. — apprehend, sit upon thorns, eye askancedistrust etc. (disbelieve) 485.
hesitate etc. (be irresolute) 605falter, funk, cower, crouchskulk etc. (cowardice) 862let 'I dare not' wait upon 'I would'" [Macbeth] take fright, take alarmstart, wince, flinch, shy, shrinkfly etc. (avoid) 623.
tremble, shakeshiver, shiver in one's shoesshudder, fluttershake like an aspen leaf, tremble like an aspen leaf, tremble all overquake, quaver, quiver, quail.
grow pale, turn paleblench, stand aghastnot dare to say one's soul is one's own.
inspire fear, excite fear, inspire awe, excite aweraise apprehensionsbe in a daze, bulldoze [U.S.]faze, feeze [U.S.]give an alarm, raise an alarm, sound an alarmalarm, startle, scare, cry 'wolf', disquiet, dismayfright, frighten, terrifyastoundfright from one's proprietyfright out of one's senses, fright out of one's wits, fright out of one's seven sensesawestrike all of a heap, strike an awe into, strike terrorharrow up the soul, appall, unman, petrify, horrifypile on the agony.
make one's flesh creep, make one's hair stand on end, make one's blood run cold, make one's teeth chattertake away one's breath, stop one's breathmake one tremble &c. — hauntprey on the mind, weigh on the mind.
put in fear, put in bodily fearterrorize, intimidate, cow, daunt, overawe, abash, deter, discouragebrowbeat, bullythreaten etc. 909.


fearing etc. v. — frightened etc. v. — in fear, in a fright etc. n. — haunted with the fear of etc. n. — afeard.
afraid, fearfultimid, timorousnervous, diffident, coy, faint-hearted, tremulous, shaky, afraid of one's shadow, apprehensive, restless, fidgetymore frightened than hurt.
aghastawe-stricken, horror-stricken, terror-stricken, panic-stricken, awestruck, awe-stricken, horror-struckfrightened to death, white as a sheet pale, pale as a ghost, pale as death, pale as ashesbreathless, in hysterics.
inspiring fear etc. v. — alarmingformidable, redoubtableperilous etc. (danger) 665portentousfearfuldread, dreadfulfelldire, direfulshockingterrible, terrifictremendoushorrid, horrible, horrificghastlyawful, awe-inspiringrevolting etc. (painful) 830Gorgonian.


in terrorem [Lat.].


angels and ministers of grace defend us! " [Hamlet].


ante tubam trepidat [Lat.]horresco referens [Lat.], one's heart failing one, obstupui steteruntque comae et vox faucibus obstupui steteruntque comae et vox faucibus haesit [Lat.] [Vergil]. a dagger of the mind" [Macbeth]; expertus metuit [Lat.] [Horace]; fain would I climb but that I fear to fall" [Raleigh]; fear is the parent of cruelty" [Froude]; Gorgons and hydras and chimeras dire" [Paradise Lost]; omnia tuta timens [Lat.] [Vergil]; our fears do make us traitors" [Macbeth];

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