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1 foreboding

A feeling of evil to come:
— A steadily escalating sense of foreboding.

synonyms: boding, premonition, presentiment.

Roget 64: precursor, antecedent, precedent, predecessor; forerunner, vancourier, avant-coureur [Fr.], pioneer, prodrome, prodromos, prodromus, outrider; leader, bellwether; ... show more

Roget 511: prediction, announcement; program, programme [Brit.] etc. (plan) 626; premonition etc. (warning) 668; prognosis, prophecy, vaticination, ... show more

Dutch: voorgevoel

2 foreboding

An unfavorable omen.


1 foreboding

Ominously prophetic.

synonyms: fateful, portentous.

Moby thesaurus: abusive, actuarial prediction, advance notice, affect, affection, agitated, agitation, all-overish, all-overs, angst, anxiety, anxiety hysteria, anxiety neurosis, anxious, anxious bench, anxious concern, anxious seat, anxioused up, anxiousness, apocalypse ... show more.

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1 forebode

Make a prediction about; tell in advance.

synonyms: anticipate, call, foretell, predict, prognosticate, promise.

Roget 511: predict, prognosticate, prophesy, vaticinate, divine, foretell, soothsay, augurate, tell fortunes; cast a horoscope, cast a nativity; advise; forewarn ... show more

Dutch: aankondigen, orakelen, profeteren, voorspellen, voorzeggen

Moby thesaurus: apprehend, be imminent, betoken, bludgeon, bode, bulldoze, cast a horoscope, cast a nativity, comminate, croak, denounce, divine, dope, dope out, dowse for water, forecast, foresee, foreshadow, foreshow, foretell ... show more.

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