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1 prelude

Something that serves as a preceding event or introduces what follows.

synonyms: overture, preliminary.

Roget 64: precursor, antecedent, precedent, predecessor; forerunner, vancourier, avant-coureur [Fr.], pioneer, prodrome, prodromos, prodromus, outrider; leader, bellwether; ... show more

Polish: preludium, uwertura, przygrywka

2 prelude

Music that precedes a fugue or introduces an act in an opera.

Dutch: entree, intro, introductie, preambule, prelude, preludium, voorspel
Polish: preludium


1 prelude

Serve as a prelude or opening to.

Roget 62: precede; come before, come first; head, lead, take the lead; lead the way, lead the dance; be in the vanguard; introduce, usher in; have the pas; set the fashion etc. ... show more

2 prelude

Play as a prelude.

Moby thesaurus: Vorspiel, antecedence, antecedency, anteposition, anteriority, avant-propos, breakthrough, concert overture, curtain raiser, descant, dominion, dramatic overture, exordium, foreword, front matter, front position, frontispiece, innovation, introduce, introduction ... show more.

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