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1 acridity

Having an acrid smell.

Roget 395: unsavoriness etc. adj.; amaritude; acrimony, acridity (bitterness) 392.2; roughness etc. (sour) 397; acerbity, austerity; ... show more

Roget 401: fetor; bad etc. adj.. smell, bad odor; stench, stink; foul odor, malodor; empyreuma; mustiness etc. adj.; ... show more

Roget 401a: acridity, astringency, bite.    [acrid substances] tear gas; smoke, acrid fumes.   

2 acridity

Extreme bitterness:
— The acridity of alkali.

synonym: acridness.

Roget 392b: bitterness, acridness, acridity, acrimony; caustic, alkali; acerbity; gall, wormwood; bitters, astringent bitters.    Angostura [additive for alcoholic beverages], aromatic bitters.    ... show more

3 acridity

The quality of being sharply disagreeable in language or tone.

synonym: acridness.

Moby thesaurus: acerbity, acidity, acidness, acidulousness, acridness, acrimony, acuity, acumination, acuteness, asperity, astringence, astringency, bite, bitingness, bitter pill, bitterness, causticity, causticness, corrosiveness, cuttingness ... show more.

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