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1 idolatry

The worship of idols; the worship of physical objects or images as gods.

synonym: idol worship.

Roget 897: love; fondness etc. adj.; liking; inclination etc. (desire) 865; regard, dilection, admiration, fancy.    affection, ... show more

Roget 991: idolatry, idolism; demonism, demonolatry; idol-worship, demon-worship, devil-worship, fire-worship; zoolatry, fetishism, fetichism; ecclesiolatry, heliolatry, Mariolatry, ... show more

Roget 984: heterodoxy; error etc. 495; false doctrine, heresy, schism; schismaticism, schismaticalness; recusancy, backsliding, apostasy; atheism etc. ... show more

Dutch: afgodendienst, afgoderij, Baälsdienst, idolatrie

Moby thesaurus: Amor, Christian love, Eros, Platonic love, accolade, admiration, adoration, adulation, affection, agape, allotheism, animatism, animism, anthropolatry, apotheosis, appreciation, approbation, approval, arborolatry, ardency ... show more.

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