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fall short


1 fall short

Fail to meet (expectations or standards).

synonym: come short.

Roget 651: be imperfect etc. adj.; have a defect etc. n.; lie under a disadvantage; spring a leak.    not pass muster, barely pass muster; fall short etc. 304.   

Roget 304: 303, come short of, fall short of, stop short of, come short, fall short, stop short; not reach; want; keep within bounds, keep within the mark, keep within the compass.    break down, stick in the mud, ... show more

Dutch: afvallen, tegenvallen

Moby thesaurus: be disappointing, be found wanting, be inferior, be insufficient, collapse, come short, crash, decline, fail, fail of, fall, fall away, fall dead, fall down, fall flat, fall in, fall shy, fall stillborn, fall through, fizzle ... show more.

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