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1 mud

Water soaked soil; soft wet earth.

synonym: clay.

Roget 653: uncleanness etc. adj.; impurity; immundity, immundicity; impurity etc. 961 [of mind]. defilement, contamination etc. v.; ... show more

Roget 352: semiliquidity; stickiness etc. adj.; viscidity, viscosity; gummosity, glutinosity, mucosity; spissitude, crassitude; lentor; adhesiveness ... show more

Roget 345: marsh, swamp, morass, marish, moss, fen, bog, quagmire, slough, sump, wash; mud, squash, ... show more

Dutch: bagger, blubber, modder, prut, slib, slijk, slik, slobber, smurrie
Polish: błoto

2 mud

Slanderous remarks or charges.


1 mud

Soil with mud, muck, or mire.

synonyms: mire, muck, muck up.

2 mud

Plaster with mud.

Moby thesaurus: baygall, bog, bottom, bottomland, bottoms, buffalo wallow, clay, dirt, dust, everglade, fen, fenland, glade, grime, gumbo, hog wallow, holm, marais, marish, marsh ... show more.

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