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Roget category 906

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.3. Sympathetic affections
›› 6.3.2. Diffusive sympathetic affections

#906. Benevolence


benevolence, Christian charityGod's love, God's gracegood willphilanthropy etc. 910unselfishness etc. 942.
good nature, good feeling, good wisheskindness, kindliness etc. adj. — loving-kindness, benignity, brotherly love, charity, humanity, fellow-feeling, sympathygoodness of heart, warmth of heart bonhomiekind-heartednessamiability, milk of human kindness, tendernesslove etc. 897friendship etc. 888.
toleration, consideration, generositymercy etc. (pity) 914.
charitableness etc. adj. — bounty, almsgivinggood works, beneficence, the luxury of doing good" [Goldsmith]. acts of kindness, a good turngood offices, kind offices good treatment, kind treatment.
good Samaritan, sympathizer, bon enfant [Fr.]altruist.


be benevolent etc. adj. — have one's heart in the right place, bear good willwish well, wish Godspeedview with an eye of favor, regard with an eye of favortake in good parttake an interest in, feel an interest inbe interested in, feel interested insympathize with, empathize with, feel forfraternize etc. (be friendly) 888.
enter into the feelings of others, do as you would be done by, meet halfway.
treat wellgive comfort, smooth the bed of deathdo good, do a good turnbenefit etc. (goodness) 648render a service, be of useaid etc. 707.


benevolentkind, kindlywell-meaningamiableobliging, accommodating, indulgent, gracious, complacent, good-humored.
warm-hearted, kind-hearted, tender-hearted, large-hearted, broad-heartedmerciful etc. 914charitable, beneficent, humane, benignantbounteous, bountiful.
good-natured, well-naturedspleenlesssympathizing, sympatheticcomplaisant etc. (courteous) 894well-meant, well-intentioned.
fatherly, motherly, brotherly, sisterlypaternal, maternal, fraternalsororalfriendly etc. 888.


with a good intention, with the best intentions.


Godspeed!, much good may it do!,


act a charity sometimes" [Lamb]; a tender heart, a will inflexible" [Longfellow]; de mortuis nil nisi bonum [Lat.], say only good things about the dead, don't speak ill of the deadkind words are more than coronets" [Tennyson]; quando amigo pide no hay manana [Lat.]the social smile, the sympathetic tear" [Gray].

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