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1 Catholicity

The beliefs and practices of a Catholic Church.

synonym: Catholicism.

Dutch: Katholicisme, Katholizism, katholicisme
Polish: katolicyzm

2 catholicity

The quality of being universal; existing everywhere.

synonym: universality.

Roget 78: generality, generalization; universality; catholicity, catholicism; miscellany, miscellaneousness; dragnet; common run; worldwideness.    everyone, everybody; all hands, all the world and his wife; ... show more

Dutch: algemeenheid
Polish: uniwersalność, powszechność, uniwersalizm, wszechstronność

Roget 983a: orthodoxy; strictness, soundness, religious truth, true faith; truth etc. 494; soundness of doctrine.    Christianity, Christianism; Catholicism, Catholicity; ... show more

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